Consultant Pharmacist

Uyen Dinh

BPharm, AACPa, MPS, Accredited QPIP Immunisation

Clinical Consultant Pharmacist

Bulk Billed Home Medication Reviews

Special Interests

Uyen is accredited to provide Home Medication Reviews (HMR) for patients in their homes.

Home Medication Review services (HMR) are Bulk Billed for ALL Medicare card holders, and can be arranged through our doctors.  Home Medication Reviews benefit a wide range of patients, particularly high-risk patients with complex health issues or difficulties managing/understanding their medications & health conditions, but may also benefit low-risk patients who want to simplify and improve their current medication & health management.

Uyen became a community pharmacist in 1995, and in addition to medicines & chronic/acute illnesses, she has extensive experience and training in Complementary medicines, Diet/Nutrition, Preventative/Lifestyle Health management, as well as general Infant health (including nutrition & breastfeeding).

She works as an accredited consultant pharmacist at Priority Health Medical Centre, providing HMRs & health coaching, supporting doctors & patients, and facilitating Health/Wellness workshops.

She advocates for the Biopsychosocial approach to healthcare – integrating the physical, psychological & social factors of each patient, through Health Coaching & patient education.

Special Interest:
–  Home Medication Reviews to improve medication use & health management
–  Health Coaching 
–  Patient education & support
–  Safety in Complementary medicines & non-drug therapies
–  Mental Health
–  Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease management
–  Infant Health, nutrition/breastfeeding, facilitating Mother’s group
–  Diet/Nutrition, Lifestyle medicine & Preventative Health
–  Health/Wellness workshops

What is a Home Medication Review or HMR?

A Home Medication Review is a home-visit service, provided by an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist, to improve the patient’s medication therapy and health management.

This is a GP referred service, and is Bulk Billed for ALL Medicare card holders.

The accredited pharmacist will contact the patient to arrange a suitable time to visit the patient in their home (carers are encouraged to be present).  They will then, review and address the patient’s medications, medical history, and diet/lifestyle/social factors, ensuring all medications are stored/taken/used as prescribed, and check the accuracy of the patient’s medical & medication records.  Patients using medical devices (eg inhalers, glucometers etc) will have their technique & handling reviewed, to ensure drug therapy is optimised.

All this information is necessary for the pharmacist to make the most appropriate recommendations to the GP.

Recommendations may include (but not limited to), de-prescribing medication, increasing/reducing/replacing or adding a medication, medication dosing devices, referral to other Medical & Allied Health services, dietary & lifestyle modifications, daily-living aids, or social/psychological support.

During the visit, the accredited pharmacist will be happy to answer any questions that the patient may have, relating to their medications, health and lifestyle.  The accredited pharmacist also provides additional patient education & support, reiterate or review instructions and information that may have been missed on medication taking or device technique, since the diagnosis, or since the medicine was originally prescribed.  Immediate or urgent issues (incorrect use or any misunderstandings) of medication therapy can often be addressed during the visit.

Who might benefit from a HMR?

HMRs benefit a wide range of patients and are not limited to high risk patients.

HMRs also benefit those who wish to optimise & improve, and want a better understanding of their current medication & health management.

High risk patients may include, but not limited to, those who:

  • use medication devices eg inhalers, glucometers, injectables
  • take multiple medications
  • have multiple conditions
  • take medications with high risk side effect profile, or suspect medication-related effects
  • are forgetful, confused, or have cognitive impairment
  • require assistance with managing their medicines/health conditions
  • have recently been admitted to hospital
  • regularly take complementary or Over-the-Counter medications and supplements/products
  • are not responding well to their medications
  • have sub-optimal symptom control
  • see a number of doctors, specialists, or health care professionals
  • have fragmented health records, health information, or health care
  • wish to reduce or simplify the number of medications they take


If you think that you, or someone you know, may benefit from a HMR Home Medication Review, please speak to one of our Doctors.