We are a Mixed Billing Practice. 


Due to Medicare legislation changes from 20 July 2020, Telehealth Phone Consultation with a Doctor is only eligible for Bulk-Billing if you have had a face to face appointment with us in the last 12 months, or if for a child under 12 months. 

Based on the new Medicare legislation changes, Private Telehealth fees with NO Medicare rebate, will apply to all new patients, and patients who have not have not had at least one face-to-face appointment at the practice in the past 12 months.


Telehealth Bulk-billing criteria may be subject to change by the Government

Item PHA (Level A) – Private Fee: $50.00 (Concession Fee – $25.00)

Item PHB (Level B less than 20 minutes) – Private Fee:  $70.00 (Concession Fee – $45.00)

Item PHC (Level C at least 20 minutes) – Private Fee:  $105.00 (Concession Fee – $80.00)

Item PHD (Level D at least 40 minutes) – Private Fee: $140.00 (Concession Fee – $115.00)

Please ensure you are aware of the Doctor’s fee when booking appointments.   All Doctor Billing types can be found under Our Doctors Tab on our website, or through our online booking.

For current Concession/Pension Card Holders, Veteran’s Affairs & Children less than 15yo:

Monday-Friday – Bulk billed
Saturday & Sunday – Privately billed with a reduced fee

Weekday Consultation Fees

Item 23 – less than 20 mins – $73.20  – Medicare Rebate $38.20
Item 36 – at least 20 mins – $108.95 – Medicare Rebate $73.95
Item 44 – lasting at least 40 mins – $143.85 – Medicare Rebate $108.85

Saturday Fees before 1pm

Item 23 – less than 20 mins – $88.20 (Concession Fee $68.20)  – Medicare Rebate $38.20
Item 36 – at least 20 mins – $123.95 (Concession Fee $103.95) – Medicare Rebate $83.95
Item 44 – lasting at least 40 mins – $158.95 (Concession Fee $138.85) – Medicare Rebate $108.95

Saturday Fees after 1pm and All day Sunday

Item 5020 – less than 20mins – $99.80 (Concession Fee $79.80)  – Medicare Rebate $49.80 
Item 5040 – at least 20mins – $135.30 (Concession Fee $115.30) – Medicare Rebate $85.30
Item 5060 – lasting at least 40mins – $169.65 (Concession Fee $149.65) – Medicare Rebate $119.65

Mental Health & Group/Family consultation Fee with Dr Vinh Tran: 
$70 gap ($70 above the Medicare Rebate)


Psychologist Telehealth consults are available for Bulk-Billing if you meet the current Medicare Telehealth criteria and are a current HCC/Pension Card holder WITH an eligible Mental Health Care Plan, or an eligible DVA Card holder.

Please see Our Psychologist tab for full details on fees.

Item 80110 (Mental Health Care Plan) $156.15  – Medicare Rebate $84.80  
Item S01 (Private – no Mental Health Care Plan) – $169.80 

Item 81000 (Pregnancy Support Counselling with Fabienne Green) $148.30 Medicare Rebate $62.20 

For non directive pregnancy support counselling with Ms Fabienne Green
Medicare eligibility requirements:

  • Max 3 visits per patient, per pregnancy consult >30mins
  • Must be pregnant OR have pregnancy related issues in the preceding 12 months
  • Needs a normal referral from your GP

Prior to your appointment, for Medicare rebate eligibility, please ensure you have the necessary documents from your Doctor.  Documents required include:

  • Your GP Mental Health Plan, or
  • Your GP Management Plan with the Team Care Arrangement.



We understand that unplanned issues can arise, and you may need to cancel an appointment.   Should this occur, we respectfully ask that scheduled appointments be cancelled at least 24 hours in advanced.

Our doctors and allied health professionals want to be available for your needs, for the needs of all our patients.  When a patient does not show for a scheduled appointment, other patients lose the opportunity to be seen.

It is crucial that you notify us of your cancellation, at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment time, to avoid the $55.00 cancellation fee.



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